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DEHA TV Remote Control for MAGNAVOX NE001UD Television


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This is an innovative LG AKB73715601 keyboard remote control for LG Smart TV. A replacement remote control unit will work as well as the originals. The small and compact size makes...

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This is an innovative LG AKB73715601 keyboard remote control for LG Smart TV. A replacement remote control unit will work as well as the originals. The small and compact size makes this remote control easy to grip and uneasy to slip. No programming or setting up required. Farther transmitting distance, stable performance, a perfect product for you. Don't miss it.

Compatible Model: 19MN43D, 19MN43DPZ, 22LN4503ZB, 22LN4503-ZB, 22LN4505ZB, 22LN4505-ZB, 22LN450BZB, 22LN450B-ZB, 22LN450RZB, 22LN450R-ZB, 22LN450UZB, 22LN450U-ZB, 22LN4573ZI, 22LN4573-ZI, 22LN4575ZI, 22LN4575-ZI, 22LN457BZI, 22LN457B-ZI, 22LN457RZI, 22LN457UZI, 22LN457U-ZI, 22LY560M, 22MN43D, 22MT44D, 24LN4503ZB, 24LN4503-ZB, 24LN4505ZB, 24LN4505-ZB, 24LN450BZB, 24LN450B-ZB, 24LN450RZB, 24LN450R-ZB, 24LN450UZB, 24LN450U-ZB, 24LN4573ZI, 24LN4573-ZI, 24LN4575ZI, 24LN4575-ZI, 24LN457BZI, 24LN457B-ZI, 24LN457RZI, 24LN457R-ZI, 24LN457UZI, 24LN457U-ZI, 24MN33D, 24MS53, 24MS53S, 24MS53V, 24MT30S, 24MT45, 24MT46D, 26LN4503ZB, 26LN4503-ZB, 26LN4505ZB, 26LN4505-ZB, 26LN450B, 26LN450BZB, 26LN450B-ZB, 26LN450RZB, 26LN450R-ZB, 26LN450U, 26LN450UZB, 26LN450U-ZB, 26LN4573ZI, 26LN4573-ZI, 26LN4575ZI, 26LN4575-ZI, 26LN457BZI, 26LN457B-ZI, 26LN457RZI, 26LN457R-ZI, 26LN457UZI, 26LN457U-ZI, 26LN460R, 26LN460UZJBEKH, 28LB490, 28LB490V, 28LF491U, 28LN4503ZB, 28LN4503-ZB, 28LN4505ZB, 28LN4505-ZB, 28LN450BZB, 28LN450B-ZB, 28LN450RZB, 28LN450R-ZB, 28LN450UZB, 28LN450U-ZB, 28LN4573ZI, 28LN4573-ZI, 28LN4575ZI, 28LN4575-ZI, 28LN457BZI, 28LN457B-ZI, 28LN457RZI, 28LN457R-ZI, 28LN457UZI, 28LN457U-ZI, 28LY560M, 29LN4503ZB, 29LN4503-ZB, 29LN4505ZB, 29LN4505-ZB, 29LN450BZB, 29LN450B-ZB, 29LN450RZB, 29LN450R-ZB, 29LN450UZB, 29LN450U-ZB, 29LN4573ZI, 29LN4573-ZI, 29LN4575ZI, 29LN4575-ZI, 29LN457BZI, 29LN457B-ZI, 29LN457RZI, 29LN457R-ZI, 29LN457UZI, 29LN457U-ZI, 29MN33DPZ, 29MT45, 32LB561, 32LB570U, 32LB570V, 32LB580U, 32LB580V, 32LB582, 32LB650, 32LB6500, 32LF550B, 32LF580, 32LF5800, 32LF580V, 32LF592U, 32LF630, 32LF632, 32LF650, 32LH604T, 32LN5400, 32LN540B, 32ln5707, 32LN570R, 32LN570RZA, 32LN570R-ZA, 32LN570U, 32LN570V, 32ln575, 32LN575S, 32ln578, 32LN578V, 32ln578-V, 32LN613V, 32LS550, 32LY560M, 37LN540B, 39LB561, 39LB570V, 39LB580V, 39LB650V, 39LN5400, 39LN575S, 40LF630, 40LF632, 40LF652, 40UF695V, 42LA620, 42la620V, 42la620-V, 42la640, 42LA640V, 42LA640-V, 42la641, 42la641V, 42la641-V, 42la660, 42la660V, 42la660-V, 42la690, 42LA690V, 42LA690-V, 42la740, 42la740V, 42la740-V, 42la790, 42la7909za, 42la7909-za, 42la790Wza, 42la790W-za, 42la860, 42LA8609, 42la8609za, 42la8609-za, 42la860Vza, 42la860V-za, 42la860W, 42la860-W, 42la860Wza, 42la860W-za, 42la868, 42LB570, 42LB570V, 42LB580, 42LB580V, 42LB582, 42LB585V, 42LB620V, 42LB630V, 42LB650V, 42LB670V, 42LB671V, 42LB679V, 42LB730V, 42LB731V, 42LF580, 42LF5800, 42LF580V, 42LN5400, 42LN5406, 42LN5406AEU, 42LN5406-AEU, 42LN5406ZA, 42LN5406-ZA, 42ln570, 42LN570S, 42ln570V, 42ln570-V, 42ln575, 42LN575S, 42LN575SZE, 42LN575S-ZE, 42ln575V, 42ln575-V, 42LN577S, 42ln578, 42ln578V, 42ln578-V, 42LN613S, 42LN613V, 42LX650N, 42LY540S, 42LY560M, 42PN450B, 42UB820, 42UB820V, 43LF590V, 43LF630, 43LF632, 43LH600T, 43LH600V, 43UF6407, 43UF640V, 43UF6807, 43UH610T, 43UH664, 43UH664V, 45UF6807, 45UF680V, 47la620, 47LA620V, 47LA620-V, 47la640, 47la641, 47la641V, 47la641-V, 47la660, 47LA660V, 47LA660-V, 47la690, 47la790, 47la7909za, 47la7909-za, 47la790Vza, 47la790V-za, 47la790W, 47la790-W, 47la790Wza, 47la790W-za, 47la860, 47la8609za, 47la8609-za, 47la860Vza, 47la860V-za, 47la860W, 47la860-W, 47la860Wza, 47la860W-za, 47la868, 47la960, 47la9609za, 47la9609-za, 47la960Vza, 47la960V-za, 47la960Wza, 47la960W-za, 47LB561, 47LB570, 47LB570V, 47LB580, 47LB580V, 47LB580V., 47LB582, 47LB582V, 47LB630V, 47LB650V, 47LB670V, 47LB671V, 47LB679V, 47LB700V, 47LB730V, 47LB731V, 47LK950, 47LN5400, 47ln570, 47ln575, 47LN575S, 47LN575VZEBEKY, 47LN578, 47ln578V, 47ln578-V, 47LN613S, 47LX6500, 47LX9500, 47LY540S, 49LB550, 49LB5500, 49LB5550, 49LB628V, 49LB870V, 49LF540V, 49LF590V, 49LF630, 49LH600T, 49LH600V, 49UB820, 49UB820V, 49UB830, 49UB830V, 49UB850, 49UB850V, 49UF6407, 49uf6407ZA, 49uf6407-ZA, 49UF640V, 49UF675V, 49UF6807, 49UF695V, 49UH610T, 49UH664, 49UH664V, 50LB561, 50LB570, 50LB570V, 50LB580, 50LB580V, 50LB582, 50LB582V, 50LB650V, 50LB670, 50LB670V, 50LB671, 50LB671V, 50LB679V, 50LF5610, 50LF561V, 50LF5800, 50LF580V, 50LF582, 50LF652, 50LN5400, 50LN570V, 50LN575S, 50LN575S.32LN570R, 50LN575VZEBEKY, 50PB560, 50PB560B22LN457RZI, 50PB560B22LN457R-ZI, 50PH670S, 50PN450B, 50PN650, 50PN6500, 55EA970, 55EA980V, 55la620, 55la640, 55la660, 55la690, 55la790, 55la7909za, 55la7909-za, 55la790Vza, 55la790V-za, 55LA790W, 55LA790-W, 55la790Wza, 55la790W-za, 55la860, 55la8609za, 55la8609-za, 55la860Vza, 55la860V-za, 55LA860W, 55LA860-W, 55la860Wza, 55la860W-za, 55la868, 55la868Vzd, 55la868V-zd, 55la960, 55la9609za, 55la9609-za, 55la960Vza, 55la960V-za, 55la960Wza, 55la960W-za, 55la965, 55la9659za, 55la9659-za, 55la965Vza, 55la965V-za, 55LA965W, 55la965Wza, 55la965W-za, 55la970, 55la9709za, 55la9709-za, 55la970Vza, 55la970V-za, 55la970Wza, 55la970W-za, 55LB561, 55LB570, 55LB580, 55LB580V, 55LB582, 55LB582V, 55LB6000, 55LB6000UH???????, 55LB6000-UH???????, 55LB630V, 55LB650V, 55LB670, 55LB670V, 55LB671, 55LB671V, 55LB679, 55LB679V, 55LB700, 55LB730, 55LB730V, 55LB731, 55LB870, 55LF580, 55LF580V, 55LF592V, 55LF630, 55LF632, 55LF652, 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LG24MT46, LG29MT45, LG32LN570, LG32LN5707, LG32LN575, LG32LN5758, LG32LN577, LG39LN575, LG39LN5758, LG39LN577, LG42LN570, LG42LN5708, LG42LN575, LG42LN5758, LG42LN577, LG47LN5708, LG47LN570V, LG47LN575, LG47LN5758, LG50LN570, LG50LN5708, LG50LN575, LG50LN577, LG55LA690V, LG55LA691V, LG55LA860V, LG55LA868V, LG55LA960V, LG55LA965V, LG55LA970V, LG55LN575, LG55LN5758, LG55LN577, LG60LN575, LG60LN5758, LG60LN577, LG65LA965V.

Originally Supplied With: 32LN570R, 32LN575S, 32LN578V, 39LN575S, 42LA8609, 42LN570S, 42LN575S, 42LN578V, 42LN613S, 47LN575S, 47LN613S, 50LN575S, 55LA690V, 55LA691V, 55LA860V, 55LA868V, 55LA960V, 58UF8307, 60LN575S.

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DEHA TV Remote Control for MAGNAVOX NE001UD Television