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DEHA TV Remote Control for Samsung BN59-01315B Television


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Remote controls naturally feature delicate parts that are vulnerable to damage. Buttons can be over-pressed, worn, or pulled out. Liquids can be spilled and damage the remote's electrical system. If your...

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Remote controls naturally feature delicate parts that are vulnerable to damage. Buttons can be over-pressed, worn, or pulled out. Liquids can be spilled and damage the remote's electrical system. If your remote control becomes inconvenient to use for any reason, use this replacement part to restore your control over your TV. Easy to set up, this user-friendly remote control will help ensure that commands are quickly and reliably transmitted to your TV. Please check the model fit list to ensure that this part is correct for your model.

Compatible Model: BN5901241A, BN59-01241A, BN5901259B, BN59-01259B, BN5901259E, BN59-01259E, BN5901260A, BN59-01260A, BN5901265A, BN59-01265A, BN5901315B, BN59-01315B, GU75TU8079UXZG, QE43Q67TA, QE49Q64R, QE49Q7, QE55Q64R, QE55Q7, QE55Q8, QE55Q85R, QE65Q60R, QE65Q64R, QE65Q7, QE65Q8, QE65Q85R, QE65Q9, QE65Q950R, QE75Q7, QE75Q8, QE88Q9, SAMSUNG:, UA50TU8000, UE32M5500, UE32M5520, UE32M5522, UE32M5525, UE32M5590, UE32M5600, UE32M5620, UE32M5690, UE32N5002AK, UE32T5302, UE40MU6100, UE40MU6103, UE40MU6120, UE40MU6122, UE40MU6125, UE40MU6192, UE40MU6195, UE40MU6199, UE40MU6400, UE40MU6470, UE436RU7092, UE43AU9072, UE43M5500, UE43M5503, UE43M5510, UE43M5520, UE43M5522, UE43M5525, UE43M5590, UE43M5600, UE43M5620, UE43MU6100, UE43MU6120, UE43MU6122, UE43MU6125, UE43MU6192, UE43MU6199, UE43RU7092, UE43RU7092UXXH, UE43RU7100, UE43RU7100K, UE43RU7100W, UE43RU7102K, UE43RU7105, UE43RU7105K, UE43RU7170S, UE43RU7170U, UE43RU7172U, UE43RU7175, UE43RU7175U, UE43RU7179, UE43RU7179U, UE43RU7402U, UE43RU7452U, UE43TU7172, UE49M5500, UE49M5510, UE49M5525, UE49M5600, UE49M6300, UE49M6320, UE49M6399, UE49MU6120, UE49MU6125, UE49MU6195, UE49MU6199, UE49MU6200, UE49MU6220, UE49MU6222, UE49MU6225, UE49MU6292, UE49MU6400, UE49MU6470, UE49MU6500, UE49MU6670, UE49MU7000, UE49MU7070, UE49MU8000, UE49MU9000, UE49RU7300, UE49RU7300K, UE49RU7300KXXU, UE49RU7300W, UE49RU7302K, UE49RU7305K, UE49RU7372U, UE49RU7379, UE49RU7379U, UE50MU6100, UE50MU6120, UE50MU6122, UE50MU6125, UE50MU6192, UE50RU7092, UE50RU7092UXXH, UE50RU7100K, UE50RU7100W, UE50RU7102K, UE50RU7105K, UE50RU7170S, UE50RU7170U, UE50RU7172U, UE50RU7175U, UE50RU7179, UE50RU7179U, UE50RU7472, UE50TU7002K, UE50TU7072, UE55M5500, UE55M5510, UE55M5590, UE55M5600, UE55M5620, UE55M6300, UE55MU6100, UE55MU6120, UE55MU6192, UE55MU6195, UE55MU6199, UE55MU6200, UE55MU6220, UE55MU6400, UE55MU6470, UE55MU6500, UE55MU6670, UE55MU7000, UE55MU7070, UE55MU8000, UE55MU9000, UE55RU7092U, UE55RU7092UXXH, UE55RU7100K, UE55RU7100W, UE55RU7102K, UE55RU7105K, UE55RU7170S, UE55RU7170U, UE55RU7172U, UE55RU7175U, UE55RU7179, UE55RU7179U, UE55RU7300, UE55RU7300K, UE55RU7300W, UE55RU7302K, UE55RU7305, UE55RU7305K, UE55RU7372U, UE55RU7375U, UE55RU7379, UE55RU7379U, UE55RU7452U, UE55RU7472, UE55RU8002, UE58MU6120, UE58MU6122, UE58MU6125, UE58MU6199, UE58RU7100K, UE58RU7100W, UE58RU7102K, UE58RU7105K, UE58RU7170S, UE58RU7172U, UE58RU7172UXXH, UE58RU7179, UE58RU7179U, UE65MU6100, UE65MU6120, UE65MU6199, UE65MU6200, UE65MU6220, UE65MU6400, UE65MU6470, UE65MU6500, UE65MU6670, UE65MU7000, UE65MU7070, UE65MU8000, UE65MU9000, UE65RU7092, UE65RU7092UXXH, UE65RU7100K, UE65RU7100W, UE65RU7102K, UE65RU7105K, UE65RU7170S, UE65RU7170U, UE65RU7172, UE65RU7172U, UE65RU7175U, UE65RU7179, UE65RU7179U, UE65RU7300, UE65RU7300K, UE65RU7300W, UE65RU7302K, UE65RU7305, UE65RU7305K, UE65RU7372U, UE65RU7379, UE65RU7409, UE65RU8000UXXU, UE70RU7022, UE70RU7092UXXH, UE75MU6100, UE75MU6120, UE75MU6122, UE75MU7000, UE75MU8000, UE75RU7092UXXH, UE75RU7100K, UE75RU7100W, UE75RU7102K, UE75RU7105K, UE75RU7170S, UE75RU7170U, UE75RU7172U, UE75RU7175U, UE75RU7179, UE75RU7179U, UE75TU7092, UE82MU7000, UN43RU7100, UN43RU7100FXZA, UN43RU710D, UN43RU710DFXZA, UN43RU7200, UN43RU7200FXZA, UN50RU7100, UN50RU7100FXZA, UN50RU710D, UN50RU710DFXZA, UN50RU7200, UN50RU7200FXZA, UN55RU7100, UN55RU7100FXZA, UN55RU710D, UN55RU710DFXZA, UN55RU7200, UN55RU7200FXZA, UN55RU7300, UN55RU7300FXZA, UN55RU730D, UN55RU730DFXZA, UN58RU7100, UN58RU7100FXZA, UN58RU710D, UN58RU710DFXZA, UN58RU7200, UN58RU7200FXZA, UN65RU7100, UN65RU7100FXZA, UN65RU710D, UN65RU710DFXZA, UN65RU7200, UN65RU7200FXZA, UN65RU7300, UN65RU7300FXZA, UN65RU730D, UN65RU730DF7Z7, UN65RU730DFXZA, UN75RU7100, UN75RU7100FXZA, UN75RU710D, UN75RU710DFXZA, UN75RU7200, UN75RU7200FXZA, UN75RU730D, UNR77D.

Originally Supplied With: GU43TU8079UXZG, GU55TU8079, GU65TU8079UXZG, TU8079.

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DEHA TV Remote Control for Samsung BN59-01315B Television